Children's dress and costume designer in France

“Grownups are just children in disguise.”

What little girl has never dreamed of one day being a princess, a fairy or a unicorn ?

 With the dresses made by your designer of children dresses and tutus according to her imagination, welcome to the dreams of your children!

 It’s every little girl's dream to someday become a princess or ... a witch depending on the mood of the day! The party dresses that I make will help them make that dreams come true.

 I handcraft and order tutus dresses and ceremonial skirts, bridesmaid dresses for an upcoming wedding, baptism or communion dresses; And of course party dresses for a birthday, carnival or Halloween. I don’t forget the dresses for the Christmas present for your little girl or her next birthday!

 Whether you are looking for ceremony dresses in different colors: white ceremony dress, red party dress, pink birthday dress, black wedding dress ....

 A princess dress inspired by the greatest storytellers such as:

  •  The "Snow White" dress of the Brothers Grimm, blue, red and yellow dress, appeared for the first time in 1812 or the princess Rapunzel dress, and her long braid.
  •  The "Tinker Bell" which appears during a play written by JM Barrie in 1904. On this princess dress, the elastane bustier is covered or not, depending on the model, with green sequin fabric, edged with a sequin border assorted and three rounds of strips of green tulles, of different lengths.
  •  The dress of "Belle" of a pretty yellow color adorned with red roses, this dress is illustrated in "Beauty and the Beast" by JM Leprince de Beaumont.
  •  The dress of Princess Ariel, the little mermaid by storyteller Hans Christian Andersen;

 Or carnival costumes, fairy costumes, animal costumes or Halloween costumes. Then Tutus de Rêves  has everything you need !

 In order to complete, to finalize the making of your dress or the disguise of your little girl, I offer you some essential accessories and without which the party would not be complete. Indeed, imagine a fairy without a magic wand, a princess without a tiara or a ladybug without her wings!

Do not hesitate to contact me for any special requests!

What if I can't find the right princess dress for me ?

 Make yourself "the tutu dress" for your little girl!

 For this, I offer bustiers, rolls of tulle and all the necessary accessories to achieve this creation:

  •  1. Choose tulle rolls for your dress
    Good quality rolls of tulle with a length of 90 meters and a width of 15 cm are offered to you with more than twenty colors of tulle, the choice is yours! It takes an average of 1 to 2 rolls of tulle for a long princess dress.
  •  2. Choose the strapless of the dress
    For the bustier, several sizes are available, lined or unlined bustier. As for the rolls of tulle, many colors are available.
  •  3. All you have to do is create your own child dress!
    The choice of tulle and bustier for a wicked witch costume will be different from a charming unicorn costume, it's up to you to choose the colors of the bustier and the tulle most appropriate to the mood and choice of your little girl! You can of course take inspiration from my models, but let your imagination run wild!

The dress designer behind your children's costume

 All party dresses, formal tutu dresses, princess dresses and fancy dress are 100% French handcrafted creations. Made in a small workshop in Provence in La Ciotat, all your orders & creations are provided by Andrée Pouchol, your artisan designer of dresses.

 "Hello, I am Andrée, your designer of children's dresses & costumes!

 Educator of young children for years, I then turned to the plastic arts and then to the making of children's party dresses. I have created my site "Tutus De Rêves" where I can freely offer you my creations of children's dresses.

 My creation workshop is located in Provence in La Ciotat, so I can respond very quickly to your questions or any special order for a dress or costume.

 I love festive fabrics, color combinations, theater costumes, painting, nature and above all a child's smile! (You too ?)"

How are dresses, tutus and disguises made for yout child ?

 The models of party dresses and fancy dress are made of satin, tulle, taffeta, soft and silky fabrics, fluid and light. Loose fit, round or low-cut neckline, as you wish!

 Multiple colors can be combined on your ceremony dress and the addition of a large and light crinoline or a few rows of tulle serving as a petticoat gives even more scale to these majestic ceremony dresses.

 Stretch children's bustiers are available in multiple colors, they will adapt perfectly to the morphology of your child.

 Lace is also present on the models of ceremonial dresses for children, the height of refinement and elegance, the art of sublimating a garment by making it immediately very dressy, procession dresses, worn on any occasion, a dress intended for the Bridesmaids or during a communion.